Safe Exercises for Women During Pregnancy

Continuing your daily exercise routine during your pregnancy is not tough and also make you active and healthy. In fact, light workout and easy exercise during pregnancy can decrease your restlessness and give you a mental peace, motivation and boost your energy. But sometimes it is recommended to do the safe exercises during pregnancy.

Mostly, gynecologists suggest ladies to do regular household work however, avoid dust, and heavy tasks like holding heavy shopping bag etc., in the early months of pregnancy but, essential rest starts after 7th month.

Safe Exercises during pregnancy increase chance to have a easier and less complicated labours and delivery. Also, Improve blood circulation and give power to prevent other common problems like back ache, mood swings, weak digestion system etc.

There are some simple and safe exercises that you can do during your pregnancy:

 1. Stretching: Take 4-5 minutes for Side Stretching, sit straight cross legs and lift up your arms straight and lead towards right and then left. Repetitively do this exercise to reduce lower back pain and body discomfort. Do not bend and towards your belly just left and right slow move stretching would be enough.

Safe Exercises During Pregnancy


  1. Swimming: Take 20-30 minutes for Swimming, which improves our arms and leg movement, and controls gestational problems and extra weight gain. Do if you know how to swim do not learn swimming when you’re pregnant.

Safe Exercises During Pregnancy


3. Yoga: 10-15 minutes every day Yoga, Track your breathing Inhale and exhale and control your thoughts during yoga. At the time of pregnancy, Yoga helps to reduce stress and work as a food to your mind and keeps you fresh whole day.

Safe Exercises During Pregnancy


  1. Indoor Cycling: 5 -6 minutes every day slow ride indoor cycling, Sweating during cycling keep your baby healthy and helps you to recover muscle weakness and calf pain.

Safe Exercises During Pregnancy


  1. Walking: 2 – 3 KM every walk energies your body as well as mind and prevents from weight gain during pregnancy and helps you in digesting meals.

Safe Exercises During Pregnancy


6. Meditation: 10 -15 minutes meditation early in the morning in a peaceful place, boost your mood and stable the organs functionality. Moreover, reduces frequent Headache.

Safe Exercises During Pregnancy


  1. Wall pushups: Take 3-4 minutes for wall pushups, Straight your back and bend Up and down adjoint to the wall. This helps to reduce back pain, calf pain and swelling.

Safe Exercises During Pregnancy


More goody goody things:

  • Eat healthy and drink water before and after the exercises
  • Say no to fast food
  • Eat fruits, dry fruits and dairy products
  • Always stand straight
  • Wear comfortable and loose fit cloths
  • Have little timely meals
  • Avoid high temperature for exercise and always choose a leveled place
  • Do not exercise more than 60 – 70 minutes a day
  • Visit your doctor and consult everything before starting.


Contributor: Instpreet Kaur

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