Titanic II could hit Atlantic as early as 2022

You must have known the story of the famous TITANIC which sunk back in 1912 partly due to its adaption into Oscar winning film by James Cameroon.

And now the brand new Replica of the RMS Titanic is set to hit the Atlantic on its first ever voyage as early by 2022.

  • Who is building the Ship?
    According to the sources, the ship is being built by the Australian Company named Blue Star Line.

Titanic II
This project was resurrected in 2012 after failed attempt to start building process and now it is finally coming to completion as per the statement issued by the company itself.

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The last time the Titanic II project was slated for construction and had worked out an agreement with the state-owned Chinese Company: CSC Jinling (). If that agreement is still place then it should be expected to be built in their shipyard In Nanjing, China.

  • What route will it take?
    Titanic IIIn homage to its predecessor, the cruise ship will sail into the same route as that of the original ship did between Southampton and New York. And after that, Titanic II will go around the world embarking on other routes.


  • What is the interior?

Inside there will be lots of references to the original ship, including the grand staircase made famous in the 1997 blockbuster film starring Leonardo DiCaprio & Kate Winslet.
Titanic II

There will be first, second and the third class sections on the ship as on board of the original ship.

The restaurants & dining rooms will be replicated on the new ship like on the original one.

Titanic II

It rumored to be costing more than $600 Million & the ship will carry total of 2,400 passengers & 900 crew members. The length of the ship will be same as that of the original ship i.e., 883 feet.

  • What sets apart RMS Titanic & Titanic II from each other?

The Ship will be carrying enough lifeboats to house every single person. This is for just in case if the history repeats again.

The new ship will be fully equipped with the modern navigation technology as well as modern safety procedures

Titanic II

  • How do I get a ticket for the Titanic II?

Right now the Company’s Official website has notified that tickets for new ship are not available for sale. The Public will be notified if it is made available in future.

Would you DARE to board Titanic II and sail across the Atlantic Ocean?

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